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Bringing you some of the most talented musicians in the Tampa Bay area.


Summer Break

Due to heat and summer showers, live entertainment is on break for the summer. Check back for our fall entertainment lineup later this summer.

Ras Sparrow

Ras Sparrow – International Reggae Artist – March 12th

RAS SPARROW March 12th at Three Birds Tavern – 8 pm Venezuelan musician, singer and producer Ras Sparrow (Eloy Carrero), an artist known worldwide and who holds as his mission to follow the traditional sounds and message of Roots Reggae was from an early age involved with music, but it was not until 1990’s that Roots Reggae came into his …

Reggae Love Band

Reggae Love Band March 4th

General Z, George Esdale, Andrew Wright, Ralph John, and Trevor Mclaughlin from New York, and Jamaica, bringing you Roots Rock Reggae, Jazzy Reggae, R&B Reggae and Latin Reggae. Friday, March 4th, 8 till 11 pm, on our patio, under the stars.

Ragged Old Souls

February Entertainment Calendar

Proudly bringing you some of the most talented musicians in Tampa Bay. 8 to 11 pm, on our patio, weather permitting. Friday, February 5th – RAGGED OLD SOULS Friday, February 12th – THE COLLEEN & ANDY MUSIC SHOW Saturday, February 13th – CLOCKWORK KNOTWORK Friday, February 19th – TRIGGER CITY TRIO Friday, February 26th – RAZIN JANE


January Entertainment Calendar

Proud to support some of the most talented musicians in Tampa Bay, performing on our patio, 8 to 11 pm (weather permitting). 1st – THE HANG-UPS 8th – CLOCKWORK KNOTWORK 15th – THE COLLEEN & ANDY SHOW 22nd – TRIGGER CITY TRIO 29th – RAZIN JANE

Three Birds Tavern

December Entertainment Calendar

Happy to bring you some of the most talented musicians in Tampa Bay. On our patio, under the stars, 8 to 11 pm. 4th – Clockwork Knotwork hosting their Annual Krampus Party 11th – Razin’ Jane 18th – Crazy Swayzees 19th – Clockwork Knotwork’s Charles Dickens Steampunk Soiree 31st – 5th Annual No Frills New Year’s Eve Celebration with no …





October Entertainment Calendar

Friday, October 2nd – CHANT THE TREES Saturday, October 3rd – THE CRAIC SHOW Friday, October 9th – RAZIN’ JANE Friday, October 16th – CRAZY SWAYZEES Friday, October 23rd – HARD COUNTRY ROOSTER Friday, October 30th – TRIGGER CITY TRIO Saturday, October 31st – Steampunk Masquerade Ball with Clockwork Knotwork

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September Entertainment Calendar

As our hot, rainy summer winds down (hopefully), live entertainment at Three Birds Tavern is back. Friday evenings in September, 8 to 11 pm, on the patio . . . weather permitting. September 4th TRIGGER CITY TRIO September 11th RAZIN’ JANE September 18th REGGAE LOVE BAND September 25th CHANT THE TREES


June Entertainment Calendar

As the days grow warmer, and the rain more frequent, we cut back on our live entertainment schedule. It’s about quality, not quantity, this month. June 5th – TWISTED REVOLVERS 8 TO 11 PM June 12th – REGGAE LOVE BAND 8 TO 11 PM June 19th – RAZIN JANE 8 TO 11 PM June 21st – CRAZY SWAYZEES 1 TO …


May Entertainment Calendar

Support local whenever you can, including restaurants and musicians! May 1st – TRIBAL STYLE 8 to 11 pm May 2nd – THE STANFORD RAPSCALLION SOCIETY 1 to 4 pm May 8th – RAZIN’ JANE 8 to 11 pm May 9th – STICK MARTIN 1 to 4 pm May 10th – CRAZY SWAYZEES 1 to 4 pm May 15th – CLOCKWORK …

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April Entertainment Calendar

We’re pleased to bring you some of the most gifted musicians in Tampa Bay. Friday, April 3rd – KARSONDRA ROSE & THE SLEEPLESS 8 to 11 pm Saturday, April 4th – SLIM & SHAKEE 1 to 4 pm Sunday, April 5th – REGGAE LOVE BAND 1 to 4 pm Friday, April 10th – AVENUE 43 BAND 8 to 11 pm …


March Entertainment Calendar

Because you asked for it, we’ve added a bunch of new live music gigs to our calendar. And it’s March, so you know what that means. . . . St. Patrick’s Day at Three Birds. The home of St. Patrick’s Day in St. Petersburg. 6th – Kasondra Rose & The Sleepless 8 to 11 pm 7th – Tribal Style 7 …


February Entertainment Calendar

Friday, February 6th – TRIBAL STYLE & BOB MARLEY BIRTHDAY TRIBUTE Friday, February 13th – AVENUE 43 BAND Friday, February 20th – RAZIN JANE Friday, February 27th – TRIGGER CITY TRIO Saturday, February 28th – THE UGLY JAMESONS


January 2015 Entertainment Calendar

Due to the unpredictability of the weather, we offer limited entertainment during the month of January. Some of your favorites will be here though, so mark your calendars and come out to support local music with local love! Saturday, January 3rd – Clockwork Knotwork Friday, January 9th – Avenue 43 Band Friday, January 16th – RazinJane Friday, January 23rd – …


December Entertainment Calendar

Bringing you some of the most talented musicians in the Tampa Bay area, Friday and Saturday evenings, 8 to 11 pm, on our patio, weather permitting. In December: 5th – Clockwork Knotwork with their Keep Krampus Away Steampunk Soiree 6th – Kasondra Rose & The Sleepless 12th – Trigger City Trio 13th – Avenue 43 Band 19th – RazinJane 20th …


November Entertainment Calendar

Live Local Music Fridays & Saturdays On The Patio – Under The Stars – 8 to 11 pm (weather permitting) 1st – Kasondra Rose & The Sleepless 7th – Galbraith Group 8th – Avenue 43 Band 14th – Trigger City Trio 15th – Evan Taylor Jones Band 21st – RazinJane 22nd – Papa CrawDaddy & The Senator 26th – Thanksgiving …


Papa CrawDaddy & The Senator

Papa CrawDaddy & The Senator performing on the patio Friday, October 24th, at 8 pm. Papa CrawDaddy & The Senator is a Blues duo that plays 5 different genre’s, with a background of 70+ years of experience in playing and performing before live audiences worldwide. They come from various heritages of musical styles and have settled on the basics of …

RazinJane & Galbraith Group

RAZINJANE – Friday, October 17th at 8 pm Nashville Recording Artist RazinJane is all about original music. The alt country sound of the band with blues and rock influences creates the unique blend of music that sets this band apart from others. Rob the lead singer/song writer of the band keeps original music as the driving force of this talented …

Trigger City Trio & Avenue 43 Band

A great weekend of LIVE LOCAL MUSIC: TRIGGER CITY TRIO – Friday, October 10th at 8 pm The award-winning trio of Andy Gray, Tim Nichols and Ryan Smiley bringing you their mix of rock, funk soul and blues. AVENUE 43 BAND – Saturday, October 11th at 8 pm Mike Tyner, Stacey Traynor Bush, Steve Emery, George Michael Snyder and Ric …


October Entertainment Calendar

Live Entertainment Friday & Saturday On the patio at 8 pm (weather permitting) 4th – THE CRAIC SHOW 10th – TRIGGER CITY TRIO 11th – AVENUE 43 BAND 17th – RAZIN’ JANE 18th – GARLBRAITH GROUP 24th – PAPA CRAWDADDY BAND 31st – THE UGLY JAMESONS (formerly 3 Pint Harmony) & OUR HALLOWEEN LOCK-IN AND G.H.O.S.T. HUNT

Kasondra Rose

September Entertainment Calendar

Live Music Friday & Saturday in September – 8 to 11 pm – weather permitting 5th – MP+3 6th – Kasondra Rose & the Sleepless  12th – Galbraith Group 13th – Avenue 43 Band 19th – Razin Jane  20th – Papa Crawdaddy Band 26th – 3 Pint Harmony celebrating Half Way to St. Patrick’s Day 27th – Evan Taylor Jones …



On the patio beginning at 8 pm (weather permitting) June 6th - Galbraith Group - http://www.reverbnation.com/galbraithgroup June 20th - Razin Jane - http://www.razinjane.com/ June 27th - 3 Pint Harmony - http://www.3pintharmony.com/ June 28th - Avenue 43 Band - http://www.avenue43.com/



8 to 11 pm on the patio (weather permitting) 2nd - GALBRAITH GROUP - http://www.reverbnation.com/galbraithgroup 3rd - NIKKI SHAU & ELIEZER - http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/soundcheck/content/artist-day-nikki-shau/2054101 9th - KASONDRA ROSE & THE SLEEPLESS - http://kasondrarose.com/ 10TH - RAZIN JANE - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Razin-Jane/108432399179294 16TH - MP+3 - http://www.mpplus3band.com/home.html 17TH - AJ JULIUS - http://www.aliasjulius.com/ 23RD - TRIGGER CITY TRIO - http://www.tangentmedia.com/tct2013/ 24TH - AVENUE 43 BAND - http://www.avenue43.com/ 30TH - 3 PINT HARMONY - http://www.3pintharmony.com/


April at a Glance

4th – Trigger City Trio - http://www.tangentmedia.com/tct2013/ 5th – Nikki Shau & Eliezer - http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/soundcheck/content/artist-day-nikki-shau 11th – Kasondra Rose & The Sleepless - http://kasondrarose.com/2013/05/ep-release-photos/20130504-_jaz1776/ 12th – AJ Julius - http://www.aliasjulius.com/ 18th – Razin Jane - https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10203358051142706&set=vb.1554021169&type=2&theater 19th – Stray Dawg & The Wolves - http://www.reverbnation.com/straydogandthewolves 25th – 3 Pint Harmony - http://www.3pintharmony.com/ 26th – Trinity ON80 - http://www.mpplus3band.com/


St. Patrick’s Entertainment!

St. Patrick’s 2014 Entertainment Schedule Saturday, March 15th Mac Perry 5 – 8 pm Irish Dancers - 7 pm 3 Pint Harmony - 8 – 11 pm Sunday, March 16th Avenue 43 Band 6 – 10 pm   Monday, March 17th Mac Perry 6 – 9 pm Irish Dancers - 7 pm


Alias Julius

FRIDAY - MARCH 14th 7 to 11 pm - Please join us in welcoming Alias Julius to Three Birds!  “Alias’ powerful voice, rhythmic guitar playing, and fearless stage presence have made her one of the most refreshing Americana artists to emerge in quite awhile.” http://www.aliasjulius.com/


March at a Glance

March Entertainment Calendar 7th - Ich & The BooYahs 8 – 11 pm 14th - Alias Julius 7 – 11 pm - http://www.aliasjulius.com/ 15th - Mac Perry 5 – 8 pm          Scariff-Hardiman School of Irish Dance Performance 7 pm http://www.irishdancetampa.com/HOME.html          3 Pint Harmony 8 – 11 pm - http://www.3pintharmony.com/ 16th - Avenue 43 Band 6 – 10 pm - http://www.avenue43.com/ 17th - Mac Perry 6 – 9 pm          Scariff-Hardiman …

Avenue 43 Band

February at a Glance

FEBRUARY ENTERTAINMENT AT THREE BIRDS 7th - Stray Dawg & The Wolves - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UENxvnhl0U&fb_source=message 14th - Ich & The BooYahs 21st - Avenue 43 Band - http://www.avenue43.com/ 28th - 3 Pint Harmony - http://www.3pintharmony.com/


October At A Glance

4th – Passerine 5th – Evan Taylor Jones Trio 11th – The Lauren Mitchell Band 12th – Ich & The BooYahs 19th – Stumble Creek Station 25th – 3 Pint Harmony 26th – Trigger City Trio 31st – Soulcash


September At A Glance

6th – Evan Taylor Jones Trio 7th – Passerine 13th – The Lauren Mitchell Band 14th – Ich & The BooYahs 21st – Trigger City Trio 27th – 3 Pint Harmony 28th – Colleen & Andy Music


July At A Glance

July 5th – Passerine July 6th – Florida Mountain Boys July 12th – Sara Rose Band July 13th – Ich & The BooYahs July 19th – Trigger City Trio July 20th – The Stick Martin Show July 26th – 3 Pint Harmony July 27th – The Lauren Mitchell Band


June At A Glance

1st – Florida Mountain Boys 8th – Ich & The BooYahs 14th – Trigger City Trio 15th – The Only Daddy’s 21st – The Stick Martin Show 22nd – The David Cowan Duo 28th – 3 Pint Harmony 29th – The Lauren Mitchell Band


May At A Glance

May 10th – Serotonic May 11th – Ich & The BooYahs May 17th – The Lauren Mitchell Band May 18th – Trigger City Trio May 24th – The Stick Martin Show May 25th – Rose Island Band May 31st – 3 Pint Harmony

Three Birds Front Corner

April At A Glance

April 5th – Passerine April 6th – Evan Taylor Jones April 12th – Groove Conspiracy April 13th – Ich & The BooYahs April 19th – Rose Island Band April 20th – The Lauren Mitchell Band April 26th – 3 Pint Harmony April 27th – Acoustic Exposure

January At A Glance

  January 4th – The Lauren Mitchell Trio January 5th – Ich & The BooYahs January 11th – Trigger City Trio January 12th – Evan Taylor Jones January 18th – Passerine January 19th – Colleen & Andy Music January 25th – The Dead Ichs January 26th – The Florida Mountain Boys

Three Birds 4th St & 15th Ave

November At A Glance

November 1 – Scott James Stambaugh of The Twelve-Gauge Persuaders at 8 pm November 2 – Ken Petersen Band at 8 p November 3 – The Hawk’s at 8 pm November 10 – SoundWave Band at 8 pm November 16 – Passerine at 8 pm November 17 – Stick Martin Show at 10 pm November 21 – Noel Bisesti at …


Kilt Night with 3 Pint Harmony

Friday, July 27, 2012 7:00pm in EDT 3 Pint Harmony delivering the Celtic Roots tunes, Three Birds supplying the food and drink, you provide the Celtic garb! www.3PintHarmony.com Wear your kilt and get a FREE shot of Irish whiskey. Show your NWC Membership Card and receive 10% discount off your tab for the evening!